Online Business


We provide infrastructure support, managed services, and implementations at the best value for a company.

Electronic business (eBusiness) may be defined as the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in support of all the activities of a business. Commerce constitutes the exchange of products and services between businesses, groups and individuals and can be seen as one of the essential activities of any business. Electronic business methods enable companies to link their internal and external data processing systems more efficiently and flexible, to work more closely with suppliers and partners & to gratify the needs and expectations of customers.

Our eBusiness expertise comprises of people with multi-faceted skills and experience, who can design and deploy various solutions; from ground-up development to customization and integration.Raamaya Technologies offer end-to-end eBusiness services in custom-built solutions including design, development, customization, and integration into the client’s business and legacy applications. Our skills in the relevant platforms and technologies coupled with our knowledge in different business domains are the key enablers that help create advanced, value-added eBusiness solutions for organizations.

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